Use Locogram's APIs to generate a product feed from any clothing retailer's website in the US (using just the url). No point n click required, it's completely automatic. We use machine learning techniques to automatically identify website structure/layout, find navigation hierarchy, and extract structured product information, such as category, subcategory, title, brand, price, colors, sizes, thumbnails, images, etc. from the retailer's website. Get data in our default feed format or a feed format of your choice; we support a number of popular feed formats, such as Google, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Rakuten, etc.

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How to start

1. Apply for a developer API

2. How to Use:

Make a call to the below url to get the list of products available for sale on retailer's website.

API Call

GET https://us.locogram.com/api/getProducts.json?name=XXX&url=YYY&email=ZZZ&token=ABC
XXX: Store Name 
YYY: Website url
ZZZ: developer email
ABC: developer token
Sample JSON Object
'products': [
            'id': '',
            'category': '',
            'subcategory': '',
            'title': '',
            'brand': '',
            'url': '',
            'thumbnail': '',
            'image': '',
            'price': '',
            'sale_price': '',
            'variants': [{
                'color': '',
                'sizes': [],
                'images': [{
                    'thumbnail': '',
                    'image': ''

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